The activity begins at the "Puente de Hierro, Cieza". In this township we passed by the Municipal Shelter. "Molino de Teodoro", "Puente de Alambre", "Puente Nuevo", "Paraje del Menjú". "Azud del Menjú" is the beggining of the main ditch "Abarán-Blanca", the rapids at the mouth of "Rambla del Moro"

In the section of the river that runs through Abarán, we cross the "Parque de las Norias", "escanales", "Puente Nuevo y Viejo", "azud del Jarral" and "puente de Nicolás".

Then, we enter at the "Arenal" from Blanca and ended the activity at the "Museo del Agua".

This section of "río Segura" is cataloged as calm waters in Level II and the difficulty can be overcome by all public and all ages.

We have two kind of vehicles: individual or double kayak and raft for 12 people.


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